Did you know that anyone studying in Australia from abroad could actually be eligible to find employment in the country?

Just imagine that for a moment – you originally planned on travelling to Australia to pursue your higher education, but then found a work placement and an opportunity to stay on even longer.

That’s a dream that only few will get to experience, but if you’re keen to find work in the land down under, then why not allow our team to help you with your goals?

We are the number one agency for Polish students studying Business and we’ve helped hundreds of people to enjoy their education – and then to find work with an array of professional Australian employers.

What are the work opportunities like?

National business owners are always on the lookout for highly skilled individuals that could help their companies to thrive.

If you’ve already been granted a student visa with the help of our agents, then did you know that we could also help you to apply for a work visa as well? In fact your chances of being approved will be even higher as you will already have permission to work in Australia!

There are several work visas that can be applied for and if you put yourself forward for the wrong one, you might find yourself rejected.

Why risk this event when our team of specialists can help with every aspect of your stay in Australia, including helping you to find a career that could allow you to stay even longer than you’d hoped?

There are plenty of work opportunities for overseas students in Australia, many of which are exclusively available to those that are being educated simultaneously. If you obtain your qualifications there’s no reason why you couldn’t apply directly to an Australian employer – many of which would love to hire your services.

How can we help?

Our agency specialises in helping people just like you to take advantage of work opportunities in Australia – and as our experts can also take care of arranging your student study packages, we could help you to find accommodation, arrange your travel and everything in between.

What better way to put your education to immediate use than by finding a suitable position to suit your new skills, applying for a work visa and then getting your career underway?

If you’d like to learn more about how to take advantage of any available work placements, then feel free to get in touch with our team today for more information, or to learn about the processes involved.