Free Online Management Courses with Certificates

Thousands of students turn to the internet to learn a new set of skills, or to better their knowledge within a particular subject. Although there are hundreds of courses and training programs online that can help with these endeavours, many of them lack any formal certification – and in this day and age, these documented qualifications can make a huge difference to the potential to obtain employment.

There are still dozens of free online management courses with certificates – plenty of which can be undertaken without tight deadlines and schedules; and fewer still require any need for assessment.

Some of the most common courses include:

A Diploma of Business (BSB50215)

This type of qualification can be undertaken in the space of a year and will rely on the submission of coursework in order for the student to demonstrate their aptitude in the subject. Upon completion, the student will be issued with a Diploma of Business – which can be used as is, or utilised as an entry-point to allow further education at higher levels. When applying for a student grant, the course can be undertaken without charge, but there are also some digital schools that offer this qualification for free, or at a minimal cost.

Risk Management Certification (BSBSMB401)

Anyone that wishes to offer their services as a supervisor or a practicing risk management specialist will need to obtain formal qualifications in order to do so. There are some entry-level courses that can be undertaken for free – and many educational institutes offer Risk Management Certification that involve minimal costs, if any at all. By obtaining this qualification a student can go on to study further into the subject (and therefore obtain higher levels of the qualification), but in most cases, this management certificate can be more than suitable within leadership and supervisory roles.

A Diploma of Human Resources Management (BSB60615)

For individuals hoping to manage employees, the need for a HR qualification will be a necessity. Most businesses will accept an entry-level certificate, but for those wanting to demonstrate a greater level of aptitude without having to pay for higher education; the Diploma of Human Resources Management should be more than sufficient. It is considered intermediate in nature and anyone hoping to undertake the training program might need to first pass an entry-level course, but once qualified, the diploma can allow the student to take on even the most extensive of HR management responsibilities and roles.

The above courses are predominantly free to apply for, or at the very least are eligible for funding from local governments and authorities for study at colleges such as OpecCollege