Did you know that if you were planning on studying Business in Australia with the intention being to move to the land down under, then you could be eligible for support when it comes to your student fees?

As one of the leading agencies for Polish students planning on relocating to Australia, we consider it our top priority to help our clients to get the most from their educations; whilst ensuring that they reap the rewards of national funding whenever it’s available!

Australian Higher Education System for Fee Paying Overseas Students

The Australian education system is broken down into several sectors, with those being defined as tertiary often requiring additional payments from their students.

Why is this? Well, these sectors often provide the highest level of education to their students, with many of them going on to pursue high earning careers within Australia.

Even if you’re not a national, did you know that you could be? If you have enrolled with a tertiary educational institute, then you will be expected to cover the costs – but if you are planning on moving to the land down under, then you will be eligible for a commonwealth grant.

How does the system work?

If you are planning on moving to Australia permanently and are studying for a business qualification, then the chances are that once your education has come to an end, you will be in a position to find full-time work and apply for a residency permit.

Becoming a full time citizen of Australia can be a little more challenging than applying for a student visa – but fortunately for you our team of experts can help every step of the way.

The system dictates that you will need to have been a resident in Australia for a particular amount of time, with proof relating to your studies, accommodation and earnings (if applicable).

As our experts specialise in helping with these processes, we can further advise you on how best to go from temporary visitor to full time resident – and this will make you eligible for a reduction in your fees.

Full time citizens can be eligible for up to $112,134 AUD in cover for medical, dental and veterinary courses, with $89,706 being provided to those pursuing other types of higher education if they are studying a diploma of leadership management.

Without funding, your debts could soon skyrocket and as a reward for students that wish to provide their skills and services within Australia, the government has made the above funding available to those that are eligible.

Even if you aren’t entitled to the full amount, there’s no denying that just a percentage of it could be hugely beneficial. We can help with this, so why not get in touch with our team today and see if we can point you in the right direction, or guide you as you get to grips with your fees?