Boleslaw Prus

Boleslaw Prus is just a pen name used by Aleksander Glowacki. He is a famous writer in the positive period of the Polish letters. This was during the second half of the 19th century. He is also one of the best authors in the Polish literature. He modernized the Polish novel industyr. He was a short story writer, a journalist and a brilliant novelist. He was born on 1847 and died in 1912.

Witold Lutoslawski

Witold Lutoslawski is one of the most prominent figures in Poland and yes he has life insurance. He was born on 1913 and he died in 1994. He was a composer, violinist, pianist, teacher and a conductor. His compositions were world acclaimed. Some of his works are The Paganini Variations, The Little Suite for orchestra, the Concerto for Orchestra, the Dance Preludes for clarinet and piano. The Funeral Music for strings and Jeux Venitiens.

Janusz Korczak

Janusz Korczak is a pseudonym of Henryk Goldszmit. He was born on 1878  in Warsaw and died in 1942. He protected unprivileged children and should have had income protection insurance. He focused his publications on the rights of the little beings. He also wrote the Konig Hanschen fairy tale. He established a Jewish orphanage back in 1912. This was the first modern orphanage in Poland. He is also a principal of another orphanage called “our House.”

Ignacy Jan Paderewski

Ignacy is one of the mst famous panters from Poland. He was born in 1860 and died in 1941. He has a reputation of interpreting the worls of Chopin’s Music. This is one of his most important contributions for the world that made him one of the most famous people on Poland.

Ludwik Zamenhof

Ludwik is a Jewish polyglot and doctor from Poland. He saw the relations of different nations like Russians, Germans, Poles and Jews who lived in Bialystok and created a language and a communication system that would promote acceptance among different races.  This gave birth to the artifact international language called Esperanto. He published “Lingvo Internacia” using Dr Esperanto as his pen name during 1887. This is the first Esperanto book that he wrote.

Lech Walesa

Lech is a polish politician and a human rights activist. He was the co-founder of the Solidarity. Solidarity is the first independent trade union of the Soviet Bloc. In 1983, he won the Nobel Price. He became the president of Poland from 1990 to 1995.

Tadeusz Kościuszko

Tadeusz is part Polish, Lithuanian and American who is a national hero and a general. He was the leader of the Kościuszko Uprising back in 1794. This was an uprising against Russia. He was also a Colonel in the Continental Army in the American Revolutionary War. He became a Brigadier general in 1783.